These are just a few of the many projects I have worked on. To see the others or what I am currently up to, check out my GitHub page.


GoPapers is a simple JavaScript web application that enables students and teachers to access CIE past papers with convenience. I developed this in my senior year at high school due to troubles my friends and I faced when trying to find papers. Students and teachers from over 130 countries access this site and have found it to be useful.

Cisco Project

This was a programming challenge from a Cisco­ Startup designed to test my ability to write production quality code in a time­boxed environment while learning new technologies. For this project, I used Spring Boot/Web/MVC, frameworks and MongoDB.


This is a simple Java library that extends the features of Hibernate and Spring Data MongoDB to make database calls simpler. It uses Java's Reflection API to create queries based on non-null fields. You can write your own DAOs to extend the generic BasicDAO that it provides to extend its features. This is an old project and I suggest you look into Java Persistence API (JPA) and Spring Data for any practical uses.